Associate Professor David Bissell

David is Associate Professor in the School of Geography at the University of Melbourne. He combines qualitative research on embodied practices with social theory to explore the social, political and ethical consequences of mobile lives. His research draws on theories of mobilities and cultural geography to investigate contemporary social problems involving mobility-labour relationships. He is co-editor of Stillness in a Mobile World (2011), and the Routledge Handbook of Mobilities (2014). His monograph Transit Life: How Commuting is Transforming our Cities was published by MIT Press in 2018. 

Professor Andrew Gorman-Murray

Andrew is Professor of Geography, Leader of the Urban Research Program, and Research Theme Champion for Urban Living and Society at Western Sydney University. He is a social, cultural and political geographer whose research encompasses urban and regional transformations with respect to social and cultural diversity; household dynamics with respect to home/work interchange, mobile work and commuting; and inclusive disaster planning and emergency management. He is co-editor of Material Geographies of Household Sustainability (2011), Sexuality, Rurality, and Geography (2013) and Masculinities and Place (2014).

Dr Elizabeth Straughan

Elizabeth Straughan (Libby) is a Cultural Geographer whose research unravels the volatile nature of the body through attendance to the skin as well as the material and metaphorical dynamics of touch. She previously held a Postdoctoral Research Associate position at Aberystwyth University/University of Glasgow on a NSF/AHRC funded project titled ‘Art and Science Collaborations: Bodies and Environments’. This project explored the practices and process of art/science collaborations, as well as the wider institutional and political settings in which they emerged. Elizabeth has published in international journals such as Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, Emotion, Space and SocietyGeohumanitiesGeoforum and Cultural Geographies and co-edited (with Harriet Hawkins) Geographical Aesthetics: Imagining Space, Staging Encounters, which was published in 2015.

Dr Kim McNamara

Kim is a research officer working on the project. Her book Paparazzi: Media Practices and Celebrity Culture was published by Polity in 2015. Through over 30 interviews with key industry players, the book examines the various ways in which the controversial paparazzi industry is structured, including its workforce practices, development of image markets, and how it has been reconfigured during the transition from analogue paper-based photography to digital platforms. Kim was also a co-author on Key Concepts in Urban Geography (Sage, 2009), and has published in international journals such as International Journal of Cultural Studies and Social and Cultural Geography.