Mobile working practices – where people are working away from their homes for days, or even weeks, at a time – are an increasingly essential but under-explored part of Australia’s economy. However, the social impacts on personal and family wellbeing are not well understood. 



Our project aims to investigate the changes wrought by different sorts of mobile work on household life in Australia, with specific attention to personal and family wellbeing. We are undertaking qualitative research with stakeholders and households to identify the kinds of multifaceted support that might be required for this practice to flourish without negative impacts. We will:

  • Provide in-depth qualitative data on the social impacts.
  • Explore how new forms of travel and technology are facilitating different ways of maintaining family life despite periods of separation.
  • Evaluate how the positive and negative impacts of mobile work practices are managed by households and other stakeholders to maximise their wellbeing.
  • Provide policy recommendations to government, industry, support services and families on the effective management of this form of work.